Family History

This page gives brief examples of the kind of research I undertake which can be covered by the umbrella of Family History.

Sue Newman | Christchurch Linen Receipt| Click to enlargeLengthy study of the Hampshire ancestors of an Australian family which uncovered a sophisticated and organised network of a smuggling 'mafia' emanating from Christchurch

Sue Newman | Long Lost Family | Click to enlargeLocating the sister of a client who had last seen each other as tiny children half a century earlier.

Finding descendants of a recently deceased person for probate purposes.

Investigating a case of an abandoned wartime evacuee baby, whose mother turned out to be not at all the heartless person her child grew up to think of her as: and finding living relatives unknown to this lady.

Long-term ongoing research into the mysterious life of a bohemian English artist (not local), about whom nothing was known beforehand; this work will be part of an important art publication eventually, by an American art specialist.

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Family Names

I have a vast list of SURNAMES from local newspapers commencing 1740.

To view a brief snippet of the database click here....

Illustrations of Interest

Below are some examples of historic interest.

Sue Newman | Will of Samuel Badam| Click to enlarge

Last Will and Testament of Samuel Badam

Sue Newman | An Early Christchurch Theatre Poster | Click to enlarge

A Seal from 1640

Sue Newman | A Christchurch Letterheaded Receipt | Click to enlarge

A Christchurch Letterheaded Receipt