House History

This page gives brief examples of the kind of research I undertake which can be covered by the umbrella of Local History.

Charting the history of an early 20th-century factory which proved to have been constructed to build experimental 'engineless airplanes'.

Detailed history of a commercial property in Christchurch which turned out to have been an early 17th century Mercer's house rebuilt from a 'hovel or slaughter house'.

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Illustrations of Interest

Below are some examples of historic interest.

Sue Newman | Bridge Street - Christchurch - UK   | Click to enlarge

Bridge Street - Christchurch - UK

Sue Newman | Early Photo of Christchurch Boat Yard | Click to enlarge

Early Photo of Christchurch Boat Yard

Sue Newman | Christchurch Brewery | Click to enlarge

Christchurch Brewery