Christchurch Through Time (2009)

Sue Newman | Christchurch Through Time(2009)| Click to enlargeChristchurch Through Time is a unique pictorial insight showing the rapid development of this historic town from a tiny, quiet backwater into a large, desirable holiday and retirement destination.

95 Pages containing 180 illustrations.

Each full colour image, including many newly discovered ones, is twinned with the present-day view. This is an exciting exploration of Christchurch, showing how its ancient streets and buildings have evolved through the decades from the late 19th century right through to the 21st century. Perusing and comparing the photos allows readers to see the historical context in which they are set, and recall the recent, largely unrecorded, past.

The author's factual captions and personal commentary give the reader a fresh view of the recent history of this town and how its current appearance came about. This book also shows how the townscape has continually evolved to keep up with a rapidly expanding and changing community. There is something for everyone here, whether they have lived in this area all their lives, or whether they are just visiting.

Amberley Publishing plc. ISBN 978-1-84868-358-7

Price - 12.99. Available to order from your local bookshop.


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