Recommendations and Testimonials

"Your interesting site came up in a search using Christchurch Priory". Jack Bell - USA.

"Read your material on Christchurch. Just  wanted to let you know that someone over here appreciates your efforts". Dave Snowden - USA.

"Sue Newman answered all of my questions about my Christchurch relatives, and even visited and photographed their gravesites for me. She was an amazingly fast researcher, answering my emails from California in the middle of the night and gaining access to information I wouldn't have found otherwise. She's a real expert on Christchurch, and a creative and enthusiastic genealogist. I really appreciate her work on my behalf. ".

"Many thanks: work well done." G.S.

"I really appreciate all of your help, couldn't have done this research on my own." G.R.

"Thank you for all of your good energy on this project". D.T.

"Sue, again you have come up with some great new information.  Many thank for the fine work."  J.A.

"You are a great writer and a lovely lady, thank you for your precious time, when is the next book coming out!" L.J.

"Thanks Sue - this is wonderful." L.M.

"Thank you just does not seem adequate for what you have achieved in just six weeks." B.W.

"I have lent the Christchurch book to the friends visiting this week and they were delighted." G.C.

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Illustrations of Interest

Below are some examples of historic interest.

Sue Newman | Castle Street - Christchurch - UK   | Click to enlarge

Castle Street - Christchurch - UK

Sue Newman |  Christchurch Priory    | Click to enlarge

Christchurch Priory

Sue Newman | Muscliff and Purewell Sales Particulars  | Click to enlarge

Muscliff & Purewell
Sales Particulars