How I Work

How I charge for time etc, so that you can know in advance how this works. If it is not acceptable to you, please don't think I shall be offended.

My hourly rate is very reasonable, just 15.00.

This covers all time spent on any commission - and includes assimilating material sent as well as doing actual research, planning the research, reporting the research, and any additional expenses at cost plus time taken in those expenses incurred.
Expenses are such items as birth, marriage and death certificates, train fares, photocopying and telephone costs.

  • I assimilate into my own expenses such items as subscriptions to genealogical companies, but if a specific need is identified which requires expenditure to get results (for example, electoral roll searches), these will be advised to you and charged to you if you are in agreement.
  • I do not charge for travel time under an hour, but charge the same rate for time over an hour. This is relevant if a visit to a record office is required; for instance, it takes 1.5 hours to get to Dorchester for Dorset, but usually exactly an hour for Winchester for Hampshire.
    By travel I do not include walking to the station or back.
  • Minimum time spent away on a project would be four hours (as it actually involves about 6 or 7 hours for me), unless I can combine it with another piece of work.
  • My philosophy is to give the best value I can whilst being fair to myself as well as the client. I keep receipts where I get them and can produce them if required re expenses. On time, I cannot prove what I have spent and it can only be done on trust, but I invariably spend more time than I charge for.
  • The minimum period of time charged for is half an hour.
  • I usually have other current projects, and this is a factor in the speed of the work. Sometimes that suits a client as the cost is spaced out.
  • Genealogical work may be entered onto Legacy family tree program, from which reports can be made: this is advisable if lengthy research is undertaken.
  • It would be helpful if you clearly advise me of any requirements you might have such as a budget, priorities, etc. It is not possible to estimate the cost of a project, as it is so variable; so a budget is often a useful way to proceed.
  • Sometimes clients are happy to receive results of work in the notation form they are transcribed in, by scanning and attachment, if the material is suitable - and this takes less time than rewriting by email.
    Please advise if this is your preference.
  • I don't ask for payment in advance, but would advise you and invoice you if the amount reached, say, 50, or as required.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me.

Illustrations of Interest

Below are some examples of historic interest.

Sue Newman | Letters Dating from 1840  | Click to enlarge

Historic Family Letters
Dating from 1840

Sue Newman | Christchurch Marriage Certificat | Click to enlarge

Christchurch Marriage Certificate

Sue Newman | Sidney Mates - Map of Poole | Click to enlarge

Sidney Mates - Map of Poole

Sue Newman | Sidney Mates - Map of Bournemouth | Click to enlarge

Sidney Mates - Map of Bournemouth